06 May 2014

Blast from the past

You might remember my post about this 1960s shirt. It was sold at I was Lord Kitchener's Valet, a legendary shop of the Carnaby Street era.

Well, Sean still has one of these shirts. Here is what he writes:

'It's printed in green ink on what was once white but has now aged into a beige color. My father bought it at the store in 68 or 67, I think. It hung in the back of his closet for years until I saw it and wanted it. Now it hangs in the back of mine. I haven't had occasion to wear it in a while.'

The shirts were produced illegally, that is without the artist's permission. In 1970, Tretchikoff sued the shop and won the case.

Maybe it's time for Tretchikoff Project, the official manufacturers of the artist's merchandise to bring out a new 'edition' of it? Just for old times' sake...

Tretchikoff's Birth of Venus (c 1955)

Many thanks to Sean for sharing photos of his prized possession.

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