19 December 2013

Green Lady - beautiful body!

© 2013 Emma Hack

If you happen to be in Adelaide, Australia, in February 2014, go and see this amazing work by a local artist, Emma Hack.

She's the one who produced body art featured in Australian singer Gotye's hit video Somebody That I Used to Know.

Hack will showcase her new work - women body-painted in iconic images from the 1950 - at the Adelaide Fringe from 14 February.

Her artistic statement goes like this:

'The beauty behind some of the world's most gorgeous images of woman are filled with intrigue and a deeper sense of how women have been viewed throughout the mid 20th century. Beautiful women captures the sensitivity of Hack's creations, inspired by artists, cultures and filmmakers views of woman from the past.'

© 2013 Emma Hack

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