08 October 2013

Lenka has died

Leonora Schmidt-Salomonson passed away on 1 August, according to the obituary in today's Times. She was 99 years old.

Lady of the Tropics
Lenka, as Tretchikoff called her (a diminutive for the Russian name Lena), was his model, his muse and his lover during World War 2, when he lived in Jakarta, released on parole by Japanese occupation authorities. 

Red Jacket
In October 2012, Red Jacket, one of the many Tretchikoff's portraits of Lenka, was sold for  £337,250 at Bonhams, London.

Watch Yvonne du Toit's documenrary Red Jacket to learn more about Lenka's story. To order a DVD, write to joyride@xsinet.co.za

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