09 October 2011

Cool Tretchikoff interiors

Here are photos of some of the coolest interiors featuring Tretchikoff prints:

By frillie designs

By Kim

A house converted from a church in Adelaide, Australia. Photo by Desire to Inspire.

By H is for Home
By Alecia 

Michael Caine in Alfie (1966)
Trailer Happiness Bar, Notting Hill, London. Photo by Square Meal
Miss Wong Cocktail Bar, Siem Reap, Cambodia. Photo by Global Travel Mate
Photo by Graham Atkins-Hughes
At the home of Karen Inderbitzen-Waller, Auckland, New Zealand. Photo by The Selby

Photo by James Merrell

By Tiki Kiliki

By dexters paperbacks
Jamie Theakston's London house. Photo from Remodelista
By Livingetc
Elle Decoration, April 2006

The Guardian, 18 June 2011
By Anouska Anquetil


Do you know any other stylish Tretchi interiors? Please, send in a photo or share a link!


  1. Hi, Boris, and thanks for you comment on one of my Chinese Girl shots in my old blog. You may be interested in these other, more recent ones:



    and, for a somewhat bizarre variant, this:


    Thanks again. I'll be linking back to your blog later today.


  2. Thanks, Karen! I'll take a look at those pages.

    Have you seen my article about the woman who was Tretchikoff's model for the Chinese Girl? Here it is:

  3. I like the Alfie pic best...a Tretchi hung as it was meant to (well in my opinion anyway) hanging above everybody's mantle...not over stylised, just hung.

  4. Yes, Kylie, it's true that they weren't meant to be chic or even cool. I'm sure Tretchikoff viewed them absolutely seriously, without a slightest bit of irony.

    In Alfie, we see the a Tretchikoff in its 'natural surroundings'. The owner of the flat hung it on the wall because she thought this picture was chic.

    These days, it seems that almost everyone who buys a second-hand Tretchikoff print does so with the tongue firmly in cheek. But I'm not sure if it's good or bad. After all, these are different times...

  5. Gosh, love all of these! Makes me want one! One of my friends has a dozen of them in her house, you have inspired me to do a blogpost about it sometime! Emma

  6. Cool! And send me a link when you do, please.

  7. Hey Boris - greetings from Sydney, Australia. Thought you may like to know. I've just posted a blog on Tretchikoff - www.davidlatta.org - and mentioned your own blog. Cheers - David

  8. Thanks, David! What made you write this piece? Do you have Tretchikoff prints? Are you a fan?

  9. I enjoyed these photos immensely, Boris. I still have a few Tretchikoffs, included one signed by the artist at a department store promotion in the nineteen sixties!

    1. Thanks, Lynette. I'm glad you liked this post. I don't update this blog as often as I wish but at least what's here is good:)
      Which prints do you have? Did you meet Tretchikoff or bought the signed print from someone else?