26 August 2011

Tretchi's critic goes overboard

"[Tretchikoff's] paintings represent the worst kind of prejudice, voyeurism, crass racial stereotyping, sexism, cultural paternalism, white colonialism and almost everything about the tyranny of the old regime."

Vivian van der Merwe, lecturer in painting and drawing, fine art department at the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa
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21 August 2011

Another South African mass-market genius

Electric Kiss
Hollywood Diner
I've just learnt that Syd Brak, the artist who created these iconic images of the early 1980s, studied and worked in Johannsburg, South Africa before making it in Britain. Interesting, isn't it?

15 August 2011

21st Century's Lady from Orient

By Laetitia Wajnapel
How cool is this picture?

The cat called Tretchi

It's true as fact. This cat is called Tretchi.

Note her date of birth. It's the day Tretchikoff died. Eerie, eh?

12 August 2011

Tretchi on a bag

Stanley Chow used to sell tote bags with his illustration inspired by Tretchi's Chinese Girl. But not any more. I can't believe there was no demand. Then why, oh why??

10 August 2011

Britain, stand strong

Britain, stand strong and clamp down on hooligans, looters and all that scum. The madness has to stop.

09 August 2011

Chow's Chinese Girl

An incredibly beautiful and stylish illustration by a British artist Stanley Chow. Inspired by you know who.

08 August 2011

06 August 2011

Family jewels

It's an 'amethyst and gold fringe necklace, designed by Vladimir Tretchikoff as a graduated fringe of articulated arrow-shaped amethysts of various cuts, suspended from a herring-bone chain embellished with round-cut stones, the central drop composed of three pear-shaped and a round-cut amethyst.'

The necklace was auctioned in Cape Town in November 2010 but apparently nobody bought it. I wonder if potential buyers would have a second chance.

04 August 2011

Marx, Engels, Tretchikoff

In 1978, Ruphin Coudyzer made this photo at an exhibition of Tretchikoff's latest works.

I grew up in the Soviet Russia, so this image instantly reminded me of another familiar picture:

This is the red trinity, founders of Communist thought - Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels and Vladimir Lenin, as they were routinely depicted in the USSR.

What can we make out of this?...

Smoking hot Miss Wong

An online shop offers this Tretchikoff cigarette case, featuring one of his trademark images - the sultry Miss Wong. The price, on the other hand, could be much more attractive. Still, in the absence of any alternative...

03 August 2011

Get it while you can!

This is a SMALL and called "GREEN LADY" (a tribute to an artwork by Tretchikoff)
It's just one of the many MAMBO CLASSICS!

MAMBO started in 1984 in Australia as a surf and streetwear company. Their founder, Dare Jennings thought that "any idiot can put something on a shirt and sell it". Most of Mambo's shirts were simple silk screened t-shirts, but did create a line of collored Hawaiian style shirts with tiki, surf & tattoo motifs. He and his buddies thought of M.A.M.B.O., an acronym for: Means Of Acquiring Models, Bucks and Opiets. (I'm pretty sure he achieved all his goals.)

MAMBO also supplied Loud Shirts to the Australian Olympic Team for the 2000 Sydney Summer Olympics.

4+ years ago, MAMBO was sold to another company that decided to do away with it's Loud Shirt line -- much to the dismay of many MAMBO Loudie fans around the world. Their 'reasoning' was that their core focus is the 16 - 24 year old surfer guys and gals and they thought that "although the Loud Shirt line has had a great run, now days it's being seen as only being worn by middle aged guys at BBQ's." (Perfect for me!)

MAMBO never brought a store to the USA but they did have some stores in the UK and a few in Europe and Asia.

Tretchikoff... who?

A leading South African newspaper Beeld conducted a survey to find out how many of its readers like Tretchikoff's work.

Among the 7000 participants, 60% didn't know who Tretchikoff was.

They might not know the name but they sure know the work.